Michelangelo is hungover.

He is watching the movie Renaissance Man starring Danny DeVito.

He does not want to move from the sofa.

The movie is not good.

Before this he watched What Women Want starring Mel Gibson.

While he was looking at Mel Gibson he was thinking about Jesus.

Michelangelo thinks there should be a TV channel over Easter that shows what Jesus would have been up to at that point, in real time.

Whenever you wanted you could just switch to that channel and there Jesus would be eating some last supper, or sad up on the cross, or there’d be a shot of the cave and some sky and a bit of wind.

Michelangelo thinks people would watch that.

He feels definite.

He is going to write up a proposal before next Easter.

The proposal will be double-spaced on 8 ½ x 11 paper.

Michelangelo is going to be incredibly famous.

He is watching Danny DeVito doing acting on the TV.

Michelangelo is going to be incredibly famous.

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